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Chesapeake Effects from Westminster, Maryland

Posted: Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Duet With Music is proud to be a brand new dealer of Chesapeake Effects guitar pedals. These pedals are hand made in Westminster, Maryland and are built entirely in-house. Chesapeake Effects offers high quality boutique effects pedals for much less than other boutique companies. Currently, we are stocking the Flagship Overdrive.

This pedal is described as a low to medium gain overdrive pedal whose roots are designed after the popular Marshall Blues Breaker© circuit with some modifications to provide more gain and functionality than the original design while still maintaining the clarity. The toggle switch on the top allows you to pick between two diode clipping settings; symmetrical and asymmetrical. The symmetrical setting is a smoother clipping sound while the asymmetrical clips more like a “tube screamer” type pedal.With Volume, Gain, and Tone on the exterior of the case, the controls are pretty straight forward. An internal Presence trim pot that can be used to take out some of the top high end chime or dial it up to get very crisp top end sound.

We are also stocking the Bearing Boost. It’s clean, simple, and effective. The Bearing Boost is a great tool for any pedal-loving musician who occasionally finds the need to “cut through the mix.” The Bearing Boost is a simple amplifier circuit designed to increase the overall level of your signal, without the coloration. Deepening upon placement, the Bearing Boost will provide different results. On a pedalboard, if the Bearing Boost is in front of your drive section, it will increase the drive effect of the pedals. After your drive section it will increase the volume of the signal without coloration. In tube amp application, with the Bearing Boost in front of the pre-amp, it will drive you amp into sweet tube distortion. Post pre-amp will increase the overall level of the signal going into the power amp. The Bearing boost has two main control; volume and tone. Volume will increase your signal, providing up to 16db of additional gain. The tone control is a high-pass filter.

Stop by Duet With Music and see what these pedals have to offer!C E