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Musicians Seeking Bands

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Keyboardist/Vocalist looking for band

Looking to start up the new year with an established band. I have played with bands such as Active Transport, Bang, Ashley Marie & Family, Charlie Kenney, Ritchie Fields and RedLine. Looking to play 2-3 times a month. I play a variety of music and can adapt to many different style of playing. Looking around the Martinsburg WV / Frederick MD area.

Contact: Scott Underwood | mrb3man76@gmail.com

i want a band

I\'m a musician I play the cajon I\'m looking for a small band sense I\'m starting gigs soon I\'m from northwest arkansas

Contact: allison bond | gmhmalilsis165@gmail.com


I play the guitar and do vocals. I am more experienced with guitar, having played it for 2 or 3 years, but bass is also an option. Though I have been played the bass less than the guitar. I can be a vocalist. I am female and my vocal range is pretty middle.My vocal range is Tracy Bonham, Michelle Branche kind've style.I put this in the wrong area before.

Contact: Paradigm | artellilove@aol.com

old guitar player / now bass player

35 yrs experience rhythm guitar player turned electric bass player available to sit in informal groups. I sit in with area bands when requested. Blues, R & B, southern rock, country rock, acoustic rock. Frederick county. Not a job, just good fun serious hobby.

Contact: Doug | hlane856@gmail.com | 240-793-2043

drummer & Bass Player looking for band or musicians to form band

Drummer & Bass Player looking to join established band, or guitarists w/vocals looking to form Classic Rock Band playing material from 60\'s thru 90\"s. We have rehearsal studio for practice, Complete Club Sound & Lighting systems and Van for transporting equipment. Drummer uses Pro Kits, Ludwig, Tama, Pearl, etc. Bass player uses Fender Basses & Ampeg amps.If interested please contact by email.

Contact: Mikael | mdwilt21710@yahoo.com

Looking for a band

My name is Hannah. I am a guitarist. I am searching for a band. I mostly play classic rock, rock, blues rock, and rock n' roll. I self-taught for three years and I am now taking lessons.

Contact: Hannah | hannahmueller30@outlook.com

Rock Band

14 year old guitarist seeking classic rock and hard rock band. Has knowledge of classic rock and stuff like that.

Contact: Blake Rasoulpour | sohrobftw@gmail.com | 240-595-8287

Band Practice Space

i am seeking a band to rent out a practice space for 70$ to 100$ depending on the time spent in the space

Contact: Nick Riker | nickriker1992@gmail.com | 301-676-1260

Need A BAND!

im young but a dreamer. looking for a band with people in my same age range. (15-18) i am a vocalist and guitarist

Contact: Randiiee | randiieecheer@gmail.com


I am an exceptional guitar player and I like classic rock/blues

Contact: Sam Madaras | madhousemommy@aol.com

27 Year Old Guitarist Looking To Start Band

Im looking to joining a existing band or starting a new band from scratch. I have plenty of original songs ranging from metal to rock to soft rocK. Looking for others that have passion to create music. If interested please dont hesitate to contact me. Thanks.

Contact: Mike | Tunneler80@aol.com | 301-712-7219


i am a drummer i am looking for a band that can play country music and classic rock

Contact: Joey Black | acdc6599@yahoo.com | 240-315-8099

Guitarist Needs A Band

Hey all i have no band currently that I'm in. But I have been playing guitar for 2 years .

Contact: Haydn Booth | jelloman12@gmail.com | 13015140675